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Terri Hayes
katie and kellie
Terri Hayes
Erin Worley
it was pretty fun! but im still glad to have two days off because of the hurricane
Terri Hayes
How was going back to school today?
Terri Hayes
jonathan..we url you have listed under your chicken blog works better than the one you ahve list under your post for august 17th.
Terri Hayes
Thank you for Via Dolorosa on Easter Sunday morning. You lead us to the road that Jesus walked on. I am proud of you.
Morgan Scott
real funny :lol:
Terri Hayes
missed you tonight
kayla holden
i liked the FCAT today lol ttly bye =D
Terri Hayes
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Terri Hayes
Hi...the orange drink psycho here..the comment below was suppose to be a picture or the three guys in the car looking for a camp. i don\'t know what happened to it...oops
Terri Hayes
Yay!!!!! YOU told the whole world! :D
kaylee daniels
lol It\'s true!! I am grateful for kelly\'s testimony. it\'s encouraging theres another converted church kid out there!! lol
Terri Hayes
I know you are my daughter and I shouldn\'t be bragging on you about your singing, but I just want the whole world to know that I am thankful that you can lead a church in true worship and that you know who the worship is going to. I love you ..you amaze me everytime you praise the Lord in song.
Kevin Connell
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