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Zander Levy
Fish are friends not food
Zander Levy
What does this button do?
Zander Levy
Me and Mom
Zander Levy
Zander Levy
oooooooo haha yeah i say a lot of stupid stuff haha
bella bryden
a post from a loooooooooooooooooong time ago it was posted in random blogs on the home page but its not there any more
bella bryden
saw your post but i didnt really care i just liked your user name in fact i think your post was just STUPID B)
Zander Levy
i want a purple monkey and a hippo
Maddie Gore
Maddie Gore
[b] you see that guy uo there? ^ well yeah. He\'s the best one out there. nothing can compare to him. NOTHING. So you can NOT touch him. that\'s my job. ;) he\'s my boyfriend. and i love him so much. (: [/b]
Zander Levy
Thats not good you should do something that gets it off your mind
Zander Levy
that doesnt sound good whats wrong?
Ashley Johnson
Just been very very busy. Trying to get ready for all the upcoming pagents, and keeping up with school. Very very stressful. :/
Ashley Johnson
Eh, alright I guess.

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