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MyPraize Band
Tim and Donna 1998?
MyPraize Band
Our first all Christian lineup in 1995
MyPraize Band
another old flyer
MyPraize Band
Old flyer
MyPraize Band
Early flyer artwork
MyPraize Band
Our first working lineup in LA around 1991
MyPraize Band
ernest gibson
i dont like ur music
MyPraize Band
i love your songs
MyPraize Band
We wrote that song after MXPX announced that they were no longer a \"Christian band\" If you are a christian, then he is part of everything you do; we couldn\'t believe it. Thanks for the add.
marisol randall
*laughs* I love ur song, Christian Band!
MyPraize Band
Brilliant stuff guys...
MyPraize Band
We have been around since 1989, before most of you kids were born. All of our songs are origionals except \"Power in the Blood\" which is an old hymn from the 1800\'s. We are the real deal, love us or hate us. Love in the power of Jesus, Tim (guitar, vocals, songwriter)
Eric Dean
i love Christian Band its awesome
Jeremiah Kliewer
did u copy this song

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