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Brooks Baptiste
geneve (genna) Settle
jessica peterson
hay what\'s up ppl forest glen
kevin whitman
send this message 2 14 ppl in 143 minutes and then press F6 and ur crushes name will appear
TJ singleton
hay wats sup :D
Gabrielle Sneed
Awwww ur lookin mighty cute in this pic.
cody marks
hey wats up :!: want to be buddys :?:
MyPraize Band
hey lil bruh! thanks for stoppin by the page. I appreciate your comments. I see you got Savage on yo music player. That\'s coo, He\'s my boy...we\'re both part of Cross Culture. anyway, if you really have the heart to want to rap for Jesus, nothing is impossible. It all starts with practice my lil homie. KIT! Jer.29.11-13
Brooks Baptiste
your music is so tight.... i wish i could rap like dat :D :D
MyPraize Band
How ya doin? When ou get the chance stop by my page and check out the music. You can also check out my band at mypraize.com/crossculture . If you enjoy the music you can support us by adding a song. thanks and God bless!
Melody Rivers
Hey wats up? :roll: :roll: :roll:
Ashley Howard
what it do ???? add a girl!
Day Mcgee
hey wat up notin much here
Brooks Baptiste
wazzup big sis..maybe if u had a pic the boys woujld think the same the girls think bout me...lol but u know i love u and u know im always there 4 u so ill talk 2 u l8ta - ♥ luv u sis♥ -
Makaylie Padgett
Hey,bro just wanted to say i love,love ya to death.And dang all the girls on here and myspace think ur cute man u getting some girls on ya but i got ya.lol jk.call me. LOVE YA SIS!!!(bff) :lol: :D

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