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Christianna Spohr
Nicole Fields
Hey love!!! I haven\'t talked to you or seen you in a thousand years it feels like. 1 more week and you will be a Blue Knight! I can\'t wait to see you @ HFA in the fall....I miss Meigs but I am SO GLAD I am at HFA! Love you and ttyl! God Bless, your sister Nicole! :)
anna major
hey this is aunt janet
Bethany Hauth
no i dont have a call. :[ i wish i did. grrrawr!! haha. im bored so call me whenever u get this! kayy?? :] :shock: lol
Bethany Hauth
615-391-0569! and urs? :shock:
Christianna Spohr
hey wats ur #?
Christianna Spohr
Seth's party/evrlasting peace
Brittany Proctor
hey wats up? luv the pic and bacground!! 8)
Chang 3's You
hi i LOVE the page :D
Christianna Spohr
i luv u mar mar... txt me ltr!!! :D
Nicole Fields
Hey girl! I haven\'t been on in a while but HFA has me very busy with HW, tests, and projects! I still love you very much and I miss you! How\'s everything going at Meigs? I\'ll try to call you if I can! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!! :!: :!: :!:
Christianna Spohr
im back!!!
Christianna Spohr
im comin ^ this fri!!! im spendin the night 2 :!: start thinkin of stuff we can do k :wink: :D
Christianna Spohr
u guys obviously dont see that he hasnt been on this account since may of 2006!!! :roll: u kno seth... :D
Christianna Spohr

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