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jeremiah major
Helene Eppel
good just really bored
jeremiah major
add me somtime
hilary miller
hey wuts up kid....?????
Helene Eppel
Helene Eppel
hi how r u :?:
Bethany Harshbarger
thats funny! could\'t sleep, huh? What\'s with ur song? well, today ill be on a while, so if you want to chat let me know!
jeremiah major
i would but when im on no one else is on im on in the morn and right now its 4 o clock at night :lol:
Bethany Harshbarger
actually, i cant add you or reject you! My computer is so wierd! chat? well, send me a message next time im on and ill know to get on chat! :D
jeremiah major
hey ill take u up on that chat later i understan dy u wont add me yet!! 8)
Bethany Harshbarger
soo sorry bout cutting you short on the chat! My computer needs some new flashplayer so it wouldnt work. :x Anyway, i cant say yes to being your friend just yet, again, i dont know you. Sorry bout that too. Chat with me later?
Sam podolsky
haha wut do u mean???
Sam podolsky
HEY how r u me ok
Helene Eppel
Hi :!: What\'s up :?:
tiffany kusumoto
nice bachround it cool!!!! 8)

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