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Will Farmer
Will Farmer
Shelby Gt-500
Will Farmer
Emma Lastname.
Haha.. Please message me on fb.. I\'ve missed you :/
Emma Lastname.
omg.. Wilbert o.o
Emma Lastname.
Nah I was kidding
Emma Lastname.
Hahah you are such a dork, sending to your inbox!
Emma Lastname.
Ohhh I have a new vid btw! Sang one of their songs (horribly)
Emma Lastname.
We\'ll see about that lol
Will Farmer
I see, haha. I quite admire your video Emma. A very good song, not to mention band. One of my favorites. Hahah, problem solved Megan [;
Will Farmer
April, guess who wants you to get back on? [; I do.
Kendra Day
:) nice to know you are alivee baha
Kendra Day
Heyyy been a long...long time. How the heck are you?
Avery Neddo
Lol, I didn\'t even get that. I got kicked out Christmas Eve. *shrug* but thank you :) *hugs*
Will Farmer
Isn\'t how big or if it is in the box. I once read in a Calvin and Hobbes Comic Book: \'The best gifts don\'t come in boxes, I\'ll treasure this one forever\' (As Calvin is giving Hobbes a hug) So Merry Christmas Avery *Hugs*

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