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trae runkel
yah its that nice
trae runkel
Katelynn Smith
trae why did you deleat me? if it was something i did im sorry...you should rele get a cell i got a baybay as a rigntone and amanda rides my bus there was another girl that told her not to go out with you...im not gonna tell you anymore cause i think your mad at me
Katelynn Smith
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trae runkel
hey whats up not much here just been doing what i do and u now what that is
Katelynn Smith
hey runkel!whats up wit ya?im SUPER bored and codys busy and hardly anyones online so im lonely :cry: mwi dads scaring me...dont ask :) but yeahhh if you really want to...comment back!plz?plz?plz?plz?plz?okay!i think im done...PLZ??? okay ttyl ♥Kate♥ :D :D
Lacey Daley
hey,i saw your pic...........lol u r so weird....jk :)
Lacey Daley
Hey Trae! I am trying to figure out how to get pictures on my page...like a picture of my face and all that jazz...i can\'t figure it out so coould you give me directions on how to? That would be super cool! Thanks Bye
Lacey Daley
hey thanks for adding me!! So I hear Morgan told you that i think you\'re cute...well i do....
trae runkel
u do coolio and i am taken and i really lik her and i miss her
cate hayden
dude...i just wanted to let you kno...im stealing your song...yeah...im mean lol/ :cry: /int it cute?hehe yeah im wierd i like it too!

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