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Madison Peeples
Heidi Harris
Madison Peeples
I\'ll try that!
Heidi Harris
Hey, you asked how I made my home pic(and sorry this took me forever to reply to) anyway, I use a program called photoplus to put the pics together. :)
Madison Peeples
its eaiser 4 me 2 find u wats urs well mine u have to type in MadiKay KayPeeps and ull c me
McKenzie Lee
hey whats your myspace
Madison Peeples
i had so much fun teh other night we just need to do it when i dont have to go to a weddin then we can sleep in later!!! I miss u how was big stuff??
Madison Peeples
How did u do that pic??? That is so kool!!!!
Madison Peeples
Mrs. Nicholson says Hi and to read, read, read!!
Madison Peeples
Hey Hay u have such a great voice!! Someday u might end up on American Idol thats how good u r!!
abbie tidwell
the ladies love country boys one!!!
amber gay
hey wat you doing love ya, aMbEr
abbie tidwell
no fare i lllooovvveee that song...oh well!!!
Heidi Harris
Well, if I live anywhere near you I would, but I\'m a state under you!
Madison Peeples
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