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Jana DeVries
blue ridge
Jana DeVries
me and mark
Jana DeVries
Jana DeVries
dude that is so sad that you are going to highschool now! U are just a big bum!!! :cry:
Jana DeVries
im loving the braids! we should totally go do something alot less boring!!! :roll: :)
Jana DeVries
bailey is that even you in your picture? cuz your hair is definately not red. see you sunday! :D :D ~~~Jana~~~
Jana DeVries
Hey!!! ^ ^ (O.o) ( . ) /_|_\\ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :lol: :D
Jana DeVries
hey luke!! :D
Jana DeVries
hey bailey! im at the apple store in chandler fashion square!! we should hang out some time oh camie told me about u losing your camera im so sorry but i have no idea what happened. well ill talk to you on sunday,i hope you had a good thanskgiving :D
Jana DeVries
what happened to mmhhmm? it use to be funny but then he said it and ruined it :cry:
Jana DeVries
well we'll be ready 4 it.adn u know that if you get us we'll get u back worse so its not worth trying. :lol:
Jana DeVries
hey u better watch ur car!oh ya and your house cuz we gonna get u sssssssooooooo goooood!!!wait never mind im starting to feel bad cuz we got u so many times!!haha u lose :D
Jana DeVries
hey well we should go ice blocking but y r u on the computer when you have to go baby sit???? wow ur smart well i felt bad cuz wen you dropped me offi didnt say thankyou so thankyou :lol:
Jana DeVries
you should go to mygirlyspace.com and get a like polka dot back round.... they have really cute ones!! luv ya!
camie daniels
jaaaana..jaaaana..jana jana jana jana jana....jaaaana!!! ok so i just looked at that pic of us the big one and ya i changed my mind ew.... well not you me! anyway...i chaged my mind about somting else to i like the pink! lol! geeze stop acting like a pretty girl!!! hahahah! i love you! ~camie~

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