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Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
relayy 2010
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
best friends!
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
my best friend
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
Gabby Silvas
Gabby Silvas
i love you way more so get over it (:
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
just stopping by to sayy ily!
Gabby Silvas
haha yeah...i dont use this thing anymore...but i hope your having a great junior year...and had a great christmas and new years. well love ya...txt me when ev you want
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
hey girl! i dont even know if you still use this thing cause i know i showwww dont haha hope all is well with yall i may get to come down this summer with my dad hopefully hope you had a wonderful chirstmas and will have a great new year love ya girl
Gabby Silvas
omg hey girly...ive been so frikin busy...sorry i havnt chatted in a bit..how are you?
Melinda Capra (i wish lol)
heyy not much whats up with you im like never on here anymore so sorry it took mw a while to get back but yea im heading up to TN friday with my friend what about you hows your summer going so far
Jeremy Anderson
heyyy whats up??
Jeremy Anderson
so whats your plans for summer?
Gabby Silvas
i know its been FOREVER! and calc is good... and how is it up there?

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