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MyPraize Band
Jayci ???????
they r right u do have an amazing voice i added one of ur songs!
MyPraize Band
Hey there! Thanks for the add and the kind words on my page :) So glad you like the song! Keep PRAISING HIM in all that you do!!!
MyPraize Band
All Who Are Thirsty....
MyPraize Band
Hey there! Thanks for being my bud :) So glad you like the song! HOpe you are having an AWESOME summer!
Robyn Brunner
yes i am but i will still love the lord
MyPraize Band
Thanks for checkin\' out the website :) r u ready for summer????
Robyn Brunner
i looked at your site, it was good
MyPraize Band
A lucky star dropped on earth 1 night, and it asked me \"what do u want? a million dollars, or a true friend?\". I chose a million dollars.....because i already got you. *Send this to 20 of ur true friends of mypraize, If u get this back ur a true friend 000000000000000 000000000000000 000000000000000_000000000 000000 00000000000000___00000000 000000 0000000000000_____0000000 000000 000000000000_______000000 000000 00000000000_________00000 000000 0________________________ ____00 000_______*TRUE FRIEND*___ _000 000000 __________________ 000000 0000000_________________0 000000 000000_________0_________ 000000 00000_______0000000______ _00000 0000_____0000000000000___ __0000 000___0000000000000000000 ___000 00__000000000000000000000 00__00 0_00000000000000000000000 0000_0 0000000000000000000000000 000000
Robyn Brunner
i like the song!
MyPraize Band
Hey there! Another IHer :) Keep praisin\' the King! Awesome songs!!!!
MyPraize Band
Hey Omar! Recognized an IH name over here! Hope all is well :) Stop by sometime!!!
MyPraize Band
Hey! Love the songs on IH! Load \'em up here :) Great worship!
MyPraize Band
Hey Bill! Just droppin\' by to say... well....\"hey\" :wink: Hope all is well with you! Dig the tunes!!!!
MyPraize Band
Hey guys! Good to see ya on mypraise :)

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