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Tyler Kreiner
dont comment
Tyler Kreiner
our pug attackin a string :P
Tyler Kreiner
my hero in city of heroes, Laurence Farwell
Tyler Kreiner
me and tank (my dog)
Tyler Kreiner
me at the big ticket FEZT!!!
Tyler Kreiner
back of me
Tyler Kreiner
Courtney M
TYLER!*~(: how are you, i havent been on here in foreverrrrrr, and i was guessing to see if i was still first on your top and i got on your profile and saw that i was and i was so excited! lol, :):):)
Emily oh i forgot... D:
hey tyler, how are ya? ily xo
x3 Jess x3 Umm why tell u that
hey nice default pic
Emily oh i forgot... D:
TYLER!!!! =P how are you??? I haven\'t seen you in agessss!!!!! wb!!!
Rebecca Rank
how old r u??
Chang 3's You
lol. hey!
Tyler Kreiner
hey everybody read my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Courtney M
[b] HEYY :) haha havent talked in a while. i saw on ur myspace u had a birthday! :D happy belated birthday! lol.

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