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Zach Vess
Zach Vess
Victoria Caldwell
hey patrika hahaha!!! did u get ur fone taken away or sumthin caws ur a dork hahaha! jk
tisha sexton
hey whaz up what r u doin
Victoria Caldwell
hey wait never mind your already my friend lol sorry blande moment
Victoria Caldwell
hey dork be my friend lol please?
chapman henley
you\'ve had that song for like ever
Ke$ha San-freaking-ford(;
hay awesome page and song
hannah hensley
Hey Zach it\'s Hannah Hensley
chapman henley
whats Minnie without Mickey? whats Tigger without Pooh? whats Patrick without Spongebob? whats me without you? send this to 10 ppl you LOVE or FRIENDS you never want to lose!!! if you get this back it means you are important to them too!!!!!!! :D lol
susan meinders
hey wats up
chapman henley
ha ha ha ha ha kor, tay tay,and becca i am first ha ha ha ha lol :D
Taylor Pemberton
im 3rd thanx zach
Rebecca Leonard
thanks for putting me 2nd jk
chapman henley
nice music video!!!!!! 8)

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