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Alex Fosegan
gotta love b&w
Alex Fosegan
this is my fav.
Alex Fosegan
me & chels
Alex Fosegan
Jennifer Smith
I miss seeing you in the mornings. Just to let you know that I will be in the drama room on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a Bible study. Pass the word around. Dont forget meet you at the poles on Wednesday the 26th.
Brooke Morris
Hey sup it`s Brooke from church
Wendy Aldridge
Do you ever get on your mypraise??????????? Owell still luv ya bunches :wink:
Taylor Charles
you do feel any better?? :wink:
Kevin Connell
Check the PLUTH blog :shock: - Revkev
Wendy Aldridge
Missed u 2night wish you were here. Was Kenny AWESOME???
Jeff Aldridge
Hey wht going on :?: C U Sunday...
Wendy Aldridge
Love ya bunches of skunkes :!:
josh duggan
Bradford Burns
You will be happy to know I have made your card for Alejandro. Track me down Wednesday night for it. Senor Brad!
kelsey brunson
hhaah ok ill get right on that ok!! i think i hear Lion King calling my name ahahhahahhahaha or maybe aladin i dont know hahah but we dont have school next friday so maybe then ill check ok!!!! yay!!!

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