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Aaron joy
me in the piper cub ( old air plane)
Aaron joy
me on Christmas..... got some werid toy :P
Aaron joy
Aaron joy
ummmm i guess i haven\'t look on here in a long time.... been mostly on shoutlife :P theirs more ppl i know their anyway -_- and it was ur fault lol
Jenna M
O.o umm lemme guess..Bill? Bob? John? Frankie?? ahhh wow I have NO idea who you are:( enlighten me? :lol: ahh wowxP I do believe I look better with blonde hair dontcha think?
Jenna M
O.o ahha and that :( face really should be :roll: uh huh
Aaron joy
hey hey hey .... i bet u can\'t guess who i am :P lol hey u know u look different in this pic then on the one on shoutlife lol (white hair old lady) :P
sam bukinton
wow thats a long time :shock: and nothing
Aaron joy
been out of elctrity for 4 days cause of a ice storm. so whats up with u?
sam bukinton
so whats up :D
sam bukinton
thanks for adding me :D
Kiah McLamore
send this to 14 ppl in 114mins. then press f6 and ur crushes name will appear
Aaron joy
Hey guys ....... i\'m home :P betcha u didn\'t know that
Aaron joy
kool... those ppl look like some of my buddies lol
kyle gorman
thanks i dig the human torch

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