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Alexandra Cerkez
my horsie Charm =]
Alexandra Cerkez
me n chrystalyne =]
Alexandra Cerkez
um.. obviously im Ali.. and i have no clue..?? :shock: :?: :?:
reese maxwell
who the heck are you? and why are you on joshes top 8?
Carrie Lane
im doin pretty well =] i got an A on my science test today so thats a relief!
Carrie Lane
hey! whats up?
Alexandra Cerkez
hey lizz!!! SUNDAY. :shock: :roll: :D
Elizabeth Decker
hey darlingg whatsss uppp...i finally got one of these so yeaaa....anywaysss c u thurday!!! :D
Cassie Kuss
hey wassupp?? :!: :!: :D
Ali Wick
Wow!! Just telling you, You are beautiful! My name is Ali too. ( just a random side note.) Fyi.. I\'m a girl, just so this doesn\'t freak you out.
ashton ivey
hey i have to go and just to warn you wach out for zackatron he lives in my neighborhood ok well just wach out
zack johnson
love the rose
Alexandra Cerkez
hey! :D whatsup??
Alexandra Cerkez
thanks! :D my boyfriend gave it to me on our one year anniversary! (new years eve!)
Eric Pressley
what part of virginia do u live in ?? i live in williamsburg

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