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n/a n/a
I would like to say thank you for the friend request and I happily excepted it (:
kelsie rodriguez
thanks 4 accepting
Hailey Gallop
[b]Kayden...is superr awesomee(: Love youu a million times more than that teddy bear sitting on your bed! (no comment, inside joke)
Sarah Messarge
Hey(: Thanks for the friend request! ^-^
Kayla Tribble
do u like my profile pic
Hailey Gallop
[b]Uhm, i was at camp and didnt get home until really late.
Hailey Gallop
[b]Courtt...miss beautiful....ur ahh-mazing(: I love you!
Hailey Gallop
[b][u]awww, well hun(: Its adorable! I likee it short(: How have u been?
Hailey Gallop
[b][u]Hehee...Well, ur a cutie...lets clarify this. Haha how have u been? (:
Hailey Gallop
hmm...u could either color something...maybe dance in the middle of the steet...or! or u can stand in the street...wait for a car, then run like ur scared of them(:
Hailey Gallop
Heyy! Im Haileyy(: Nice to meet yah.
Hailey Gallop
[b][u]Hey Guys! It\'s Hailey(: Im just now getting back in touch with you ppl and mypraize! Check out my updated profile...Look Comment on my pictures! Read Comment on my Blogs! (: Leave me a comment and a message, ill get back to you! Thanks(: -Hailey(:-
Crystal tanner
thanks haley(; im crystal!!! ur so sweet thankyaaah! ha love ur back ground its soo cute;D
Hailey Gallop
[b]Hey Samm!! Miss yahh(: Love ur profilee...did u get ur haircut? (:

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