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Andrea Nicole
Alexis Briley
Hey i just wanted to say since ur awesome and ur a teenager and u can totally tell plp off then like me and my friend have been getting told by 15 year olds so if you could like be on my side and stick of for me and my friend (Lonestar17) then that would rock. P.s. Please message back(:
Alexis Briley
Your so pretty(:
Autumn Hudson
hey wats up
Andrea Nicole
whhy did you take me off your tooop?
Andrea Nicole
Do i know youuu.?
Andrea Nicole
Heyy ughh i miss youu (: I haven\'t seen you in like a week iloveyouu lacey ssamantha jones
Andrea Nicole
Okayy (: Well i gotta get off soo text meeeh (:
Andrea marino
Ughh i miss you moree (: We will get to see eachotherrr tomorroww or fridayy (: angies coming overr tooo and so in amberr (:
david gillies
hey i commented on some of ur pics your sooooo amazing
Andrea marino
Heyy ppls i am hackin my bestie and i am the one writing this stuuf the comment under me i wrote
Andrea Nicole
Hey hunn the guy under me vvv he doesn\'t luv u ur my bffl and i don\'tamt u to get hert, what the heck u know i luv u bc i chaged alll my classes to urs, see u tomorrow love yaaaa
Andrea Nicole
cameron travis
haha heyy wuzz up girl??
JP Reinhardt

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