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Nicole c.
Nicole c.
I love ya see ya soon Nicole :D
Heather Mutart
nothing really just be myself and school to0 so keep it real love always sister in chirst heather :D
Jim Howard
? Church Bibles - It is best to avoid using a church Bible. First off, you should be carrying your own Bible. But along with that, many church Bibles may contain germs on them. These Bibles are usually touched by many different people and are never cleaned nor sanitized making them smelly and dusty. And you really don't know who touched that Bible. It could have been somebody who just got over the flu. Also, you will feel shameful in having to use one. So either bring your Bible or store a hidden one within the church that you can find in case of emergencies (the coatroom is usually a good place). Also, remember that the church Bible is not yours. Just because you are using it does not mean you can highlight and underline things or write notes in between the margins. And remember to put them back: it's not good to steal them.
Nicole c.
Hey yeah I havent talk to you in a while either how have you been ? Ive been okay just going to school and stuff so anywho write back soon
Heather Mutart
hey have not been on in like forever so waz up
Nicole c.
Hi I just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for requesting me as a friend you sound really awesome and hope to hear from you soon okay talk to you laterz Nicole :D
Nicole c.
Hello New Mexico is awesome over here I love it :!:
Nicole c.
Nicole c.
Hello sweetheart how is everything up in cv well here its so beautiful very different from chino anyways write back soon mauh!!! 8)
Nicole c.
Hi love well you have one of these to well cant wait till you come back hopefully I will get to see you in the two weeks that you are here cuz I might have two jobs by the time you get here I need to make as much money as I can before I got mc well keep praying for me okay love ya :D :) :cry: :lol: 8) :wink: :!:
Nicole c.
Just stopping by to say hello okay well have a nice day talk to you laterz Nicole :)
Nicole c.
Thank You I am really nice and you are really nice too okay god loves you :D :!:
Heather Mutart
hehehe ur cool and ura good friend ummmm idk what to say :lol: lol
Nicole c.
Hey wat up? sorry about today I lost connection my stupid computer was starting to freeze on me sorry again ! so anyways thanks for the add hope to hear from you soon okay Nicole :D

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