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Stephanie Mosley
Yeah i know. :]
jeff court
don't read if you are under 13
jeff court
wow Andrew Angione is ur hero =p i see him like everyday
Kelsea G
if his family ever reads this im srry
harley hall
hey jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :D :D
jeff court
nice pic and ur background ownz
jeff court
xoxo =p iam bored just felt like sayin hey and nice pix ttyl
jeff court
aww ur blog makes me sad =/ ill be your friend and i dont think ur ugly :D
harley hall
Hi jeff its harley!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :lol: :lol: :D :D :shock:
jeff court
hey harley!!!!!!! its jeff :D :D :shock: :shock:
jeff court
hey peoples! guess what! i dont even know iam just bored so i wrote this
jeff court
this user myconfession could really use our prayers right now. she had surgery and she might not make it. and shes only 13 years old. please pray.
Angela Vess
haha i don\'t think i\'ll get banned for saying hardcore, i love that word. but i was thinking ANOTHER word that would prolly get me banned... never gotten banned on any site, trying to keep it that way.... ;p idky
jeff court
o ya i went to buzz bake sale if u know what that is and whats the other word u where think of lol well ttyl and iam soo not emo lol just to tet you know wel ttyl lol
jeff court
ya 3dg owns and ill say hardcore all i want on here lol ttyl

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