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SaVaNaH BaNaNa
SaVaNaH BaNaNa
Aaron Jenkins
Hey Savanah, whats up?
tim rivera
you are cool whats ur name?
Nathaniel Byers
sorry, I wrote the message twice, I thought there was an error the first time... all well...
Nathaniel Byers
Hey, You probably don\'t remember me, It\'s been about 2 years since the last time I talked to you. I used to talk to you a lot in chat, I still remember a lot of conversations I had with you. I hope you still remember me. -Dorkfish
Nathaniel Byers
Hey, You probably don\'t remember me, I haven\'t talked to you in probably like 2 years... but I kinda took a long break from mypraize and didn\'t go on for a while... but I still remembered conversations that we had and chatting with you. I hope you remember me. -Dorkfish
Zech Hall
hey i sent you a facebook friend request im on there almost 24/7 i think its you its hard to tell from the pic i look at
SaVaNaH BaNaNa
i forgot them =/ lol dang!!! aha what have u been up to?!
Annette Diaz
blaugh damion was admitted to the hospital he just came home yesterday i spent 3 days with him there it was acctually really scary he came down with a virus
SaVaNaH BaNaNa
haha i know! lol i get bored to but i havent been on here in ages!! geeze... well yea things are fantastic with me!! lol i have storys for you =P
SaVaNaH BaNaNa
thanks!! haha havent talked to you in forever!! whats up!?
Stacia Springer
AHHH!!! SAVVYY!!! i love your hair!! you\'re so beautiful!! :D miss ya!!
SaVaNaH BaNaNa
hey arron!! haha.. not much is up.. well actully alot but to much to write.. im doing good though! what about you!?!
SaVaNaH BaNaNa
lol i know its been a while!! how have you been?! and yea i cut my hair =P i was sick of long hair..

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