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MyPraize Band
saw you were in the stand true group. thought you might appreciate our song \"tolerant\". It deals with how evil (abortion,..) spreads when good men sit by in apathy. God bless!
Miles Cornell
hello :lol:
Steven Sharpe
Hey! I'm 15 too! Well catcha l8r!
Amy Arzola
wats up?how is school and all that?
Tracey Perry
hey whats up uhh long time no talk well if u wanna then u should write back ok well i spose i will go ♥Tracey
David Bretland
David Bretland
http://x8f.xanga.com/568b77e47773045676128/b30830004.jpg hey thts the site cya
mackenzie milcarek
hey. my name is kenzie. i was told to ask you where you got the use repect_me's photo? the one of the two cartoon figures. is there a site for them? and could you send me the site? thanks much!
jennifer lola
wuz up?
David Bretland
hey listen to the band demon hunter www.purevolume.com/demon hunter
David Bretland
hey wuts up did u get the new underOATH cd well im in the chat room cya
Kelly Hall
haha. luv ur background. they're so cute!
David Bretland
hey wuts up mm i write on ur wall now can i have tht dollar and ill give u a flower
Kelly Hall
ooh u can have the dollar and a flower now i want mine!
David Bretland
i go to canada in october to see the falls i told melll tht i want ed go and see her but she sed she lived 20 hrs from there so i cant yea i got my schedle however they spell it cya :D

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