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Brad Bennett
If you can't tell already........ I love Spongebob
Brad Bennett
me playin' baseball
Brad Bennett
Brad Bennett
CAN you put me as your buddy, ya know, since Savannah reported me for no reason? :x
Brad Bennett
is dis bigmac1400 ??????????
Elizabeth Little
wat season do u like the best fall winter summer or spring?? for school
Elizabeth Little
hey get on chat i want to talk to u
Brad Bennett
sry. cant do that cause Elizabeth said you put innapropriate stuff on your blog. plus, your myptraize page is all messed up so, wat would b da point?sry. :cry:
Elizabeth Little
wat r u talking bout on leahs comments bout me wat did i say :?:
Elizabeth Little
i didnt report her someone else did i dont know who it was
Brad Bennett
im at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brittany is trying to call you, did you get it back from mrs. crosby :?:
Brad Bennett
hey im on
Elizabeth Little
thanks for being my friend and standing up for me when i needed u the most cant talk on the fhone for a LONG time well i will see u at school email me please
Elizabeth Little
not 42 but 4 2 mouths :cry:
Elizabeth Little
hey wats up

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