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Casey Russell
my fav cousins n me
Casey Russell
Casey Russell
long time...
Brittany George
hey dorkface lol jk! yeah i like this site too! u just have to browse and meet ppl like i did lol! and i think im sleepin over gmas this weekend...again! ill let ya kno!
Casey Russell
you have no messages on your wall and i havent talked to you in a long time.. i have no clue when you will get this but i hope you are doing okay. i miss talking to you buddy. luv ya lots!
Casey Russell
hey loooooser. haha just kidding you know you love me! i think i like this more than any other website.. if only i knew more people hehe. i havent been on here in the longest time. blah. well just thought i would say hi and that i think we should have another girls nite this weekend maybe. much love
Brittany George
i think its time i comment u back lol! im glad we have been hangin out a lot!
Brittany George
the other part of my comment didnt show up...hmmm...here its is lol...
Casey Russell
hey hey hey!!! so you finally conformed to almost everything now!! hahaha well im glad im home now.. we must hang out more... peace out(gangsta style!!) 8)
Casey Russell
orch..orch...n more orch
Casey Russell
no more gym!!!
Casey Russell
Casey Russell
hey miss carlyn! thanks for telling me about this! i absolutely love it! well i shall see you in a little bit! much love! casey :D
Carlyn Campbell
Hi case! Isn't this the most fun website? i can't wait for strawberry picking!! it's gonna be sooo much fun! Later!

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