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Brittany George
i miss those summer nights!
Brittany George
me being silly!
Brittany George
i love this one!
Brittany George
by the window again! lol
Brittany George
me n jen- h/c 06
Brittany George
lookin out the window!!
Brittany George
Brittany George
hmm im ur friend on here but i dont think we have ever talked lol send me a message if u wanna chat sometime! take care and God Bless
Brittany George
ahhh i had so much fun!!! hope we can hang out next weekend too :) ttys!!
Brittany George
hey dorkface lol jk! yeah i like this site too! u just have to browse and meet ppl like i did lol! and i think im sleepin over gmas this weekend...again! ill let ya kno!
Casey Russell
hey loooooser. haha just kidding you know you love me! i think i like this more than any other website.. if only i knew more people hehe. i havent been on here in the longest time. blah. well just thought i would say hi and that i think we should have another girls nite this weekend maybe. much love
Brittany George
hey erik! how r ya?!
Brittany George
i think its time i comment u back lol! im glad we have been hangin out a lot!
Brittany George
the other part of my comment didnt show up...hmmm...here its is lol...
Brittany George
yay i got a mypraize!!

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