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Morgan Flesher
me and my mamma lol
Morgan Flesher
Its the lil bro and mee
Morgan Flesher
My dad and his deer.. Hek yes!!
Morgan Flesher
Me, Mom and Aunt lisa!!
Morgan Flesher
Me, My aunt, && 2 cuzzy's
Morgan Flesher
Me and some of the {FRIENDS}
Morgan Flesher
Thanks baby.... :)
Morgan Flesher
*ITS meee*
Morgan Flesher
my foxee monster and MINE
Morgan Flesher
Morgan Flesher
hey yah ! how have you been?!
Morgan Flesher
aww your such a sweetie.. haha.. Yah i love writing poems.. i guess im just cool like that haha. How old are you? jw ?! haha. Yah im gonna look at your web page to view your videos. Thanks for adding me, i will def start chatting with you or \"commenting\" you haha. Its nice to have someone to talk 2..
Morgan Flesher
So you live in texas? i bet thats fun at times haha.. i have always thought it would be fun to ride a bull but i would probably kill myself in the process lol. Yah i am still in highschool & getting ready for b-ball and competitive cheerleading so i have been pretty busy .. =P & other then that i have been running around with the social life, and
Morgan Flesher
getting ready for this dance at my school i have been gone all weekend getting a dress and all dat lol... yah im just ready to get out of school .. 2 more months :P Well i will talk to you later cya ricardo \"prozperad\" haha * me*
Morgan Flesher
Your comments made my day =) haha.. thanks lotz!

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