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Dan Dripps
jenna roy
DANNYFACE, #1 job is a sports agent. my #2 is a film director. my #3 is a surgeon. and my #4 is a pychiatrist. ???? ur dumb. u silly gobergoberishdannylynnmcbob. juss kiddin. ily danny loo! u needa get on this thing. i do... occasionaly. therefore, GET UR SILLY BUTT ON. kk??? ahahaha dannnnn!
Morgan Flesher
hey what have you been up 2
Morgan Flesher
Hey aww .. well good luck with you and your girl.. and everything.. Yah im pretty excited about switching schools but yah school is school haha.
Ashley moriconi
how was your weekend
Dan Dripps
ya...im gonna miss all my senior friends, especially the girl im kinda dating rite now. but its all good. itd be nice to go to a chritian school, other than the sports, they usually arent good.
Morgan Flesher
aww.. thats qt son and mom! haha.. well thats good.. yah it sux when you have senior friends and then they go off to college... cuz i have like one of my Best friends is a senior and ya!! lol... yah im not going to anna next year.. i am switching over to Christian Academy.. so yah im pretty excited.. well i will ttyl cya!! morgan
Ashley moriconi
Nice picture you look really cute in it. :D
Dan Dripps
when im older...
Dan Dripps
Ya thats my mom and me. and things are a lot better now a lot of the dramas gone. im not so excited for the end of school this year b/c i have a lot of senior friends :cry: but im gonna go ttyl |The Kicker|
Morgan Flesher
Awwz is that you and your mom?? ... hehe Morg
Morgan Flesher
Aww.. that sux.. yah i dont really get involved in that ever i just ignore ppl if they start stuff.. im like oh your cool ! haha .. but good luck and everything.. hopefully it will getz better for you at school. two more months and school is out so thats a plus! hah. Well i will ttyl cya.. Morgan
Dan Dripps
Heyz, ive been doin kinda bad, a lot of drama at my school, i hate it...u?
Morgan Flesher
So how you been? :!: ? Hopefully good .. * Cali*
Morgan Flesher
So how you been :!: :?: :!: Hopefully good. *Cali*

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