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candace pospisil
emmi dressander
hey girl wut up nm here just bored very bored but i wish i can come over there but u are slepping and i got stuff to do and on and on i am so bored and i dont fill god i thank i am getting sick and that is not good i am so so so so so bored amd i fill bad bad bad bad bad and u fill good good good good good and that is not fair fair fair fair fair by :D :) :shock: :cry: :x :lol: 8) :roll: :D :D
emmi dressander
hey talk on yahoo i got to tell u something
candace pospisil
yup! so whats up?
amanduh bby
hey thanks u are verry beautiful yourself my name is amanda :lol: :D :lol: :D
amanduh bby
so whats going on?? :?: :?:
amanduh bby
nothin just sittin on the computer talkin to my love :D
amanduh bby
yeah im so sleepy and im sick and i dont wanna go to school tomorrow :( :cry: :( :cry:
amanduh bby
photobucket!! lol yay just look for a pic u like and coppy the http thing and paste it in the theme thing
candace pospisil
thanks amanda! :D 8) :!:
candace pospisil
nothin much you???
candace pospisil
thats kool!
candace pospisil
i dont want to either..i like ur background where did u find it?
Chris Telles
umm. thanks J-stars cool. but fftl is a bit poser. but w/e. lols.
Gabi Dies
hey not much here,hbu? and thanks.

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