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Susanna Grizzard
Well hello!(: No problem!(: Anytime you need a hug i\'m here! lol
Susanna Grizzard
CASEY! I hope you are having a most amazing week! I love you! I hope to talk to you soon!(=
Susanna Grizzard
Thanks I hava had a wonderful day I hope you have too! I love you!!!
Paige McElroy
Its going good for me too :) And umm You too!
Casey Gregg
Well it\'s going if that means anything. How\'s it going for you????? Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Paige McElroy
i\'m doing good. So how is school going for ya?
Casey Gregg
Oh i know! I\'m doing pretty good! How are you??
Casey Gregg
The God that holds the universe is holding you tonight; You can rest inside, it\'s gonna be alright. And the God that calmed the raging sea is calling you his child, so be still and know He\'s in control. He will never let you go.
Casey Gregg
When everything falls apart, Your arms hold me together. When everything falls apart, You\'re the only hope for this heart. When everything falls apart, and my strenght is gone, I find You mighty and strong. You keep holding on.(x2)
Susanna Grizzard
Anytime. If you ever need me i\'m here!!! Love you!(=
Paige McElroy
Hey girl!! Wow its been forever since I talked to you. How are you? :)
Susanna Grizzard
I miss you!!!!:(
Susanna Grizzard
It makes me sad! We never talk anymore!:(
Casey Gregg
Casey Gregg
yeah, i wish i was working more. but my soccer was getting in the way of the schedule! :(

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