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taylor poff
taylor poff
and tell me now; how do i live without you?
taylor poff
Love is a highway, and baby we're on it,
taylor poff
Bethanie west
awsome. lol sittin\' here.
taylor poff
hey girl. nothin, haha looking at halloween stuff. you?
Bethanie west
watch ya doin?
taylor poff
bethanie! why on earth did you delete your facebook little missy? i never get on here! haha.
taylor poff
oh its fine! is everything okay?
taylor poff
well thats good :) what are you doinnngg?
taylor poff
listening to musicc. talking to people. pretending to be studying hahaha.
Bethanie west
long story. but it was my choice to do it. u dont have to get on here. i was just saying u should.
Bethanie west
i will get on facebook again but not for a while. it said to get it back all you have to do it log in. and it goes back to how it was
Bethanie west
yep its pretty great actually.
Bethanie west
listening to music. babysitting levi. you?

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