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cody barnfart
This is a picture i took!!!!!!
cody barnfart
My cat zoey
cody barnfart
malaysha kay
yea like i wish u were too like totally
Brody Shain
hey right me back wish u were still at grace buddy
Andrew Miller
this is ur reading bud andrew joshs lit bro
Kylee Eyler
u need to change urs
malaysha kay
any way cody dont add him he is mean any way we miss u well i do and ive known u longer so i miss u and i thought u said u were going to ask your parents if u were comin back and its not the same without u at school all these wierd new people and fat fat adia
malaysha kay
cody how have u been do u have a cell yet and i can still type faster than u
Brody Shain
ur my buddy
Brody Shain
its my birthday were goin swimmin
Brody Shain
are u avalible next friday for a sleep over for my birthday about 5 30
Brody Shain
hey dude its bro
malaysha kay
cody who is ur gurlfriend i cant see any body goin out wit u in fact u dont have a gurlfriend
malaysha kay
i did not kno brody has a mypraize he told me at school that he did not have one he lied

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