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d o
daniels photos
d o
Dj Levasseur
I will get you. So watch out. HeHe :]
Dj Levasseur
Nuh uh! I am going to get you this Sunday. So watch out. lol
d o
ya ok!! DJ
d o
ha your slow you dont run fast ha ha ha ha haa
jahna o
nice song lol its fits you lol
d o
yo wazz up hay yo like DJ kiss ha ha
d o
you like my song or beat i dont like yours that much.
d o
yo wazz up cheek out my song
d o
yo cheek out my song or beat
d o
yo cheek out my beat
d o
Hey i like your b/r check out my song
d o
I <3 ?
alina Morneau
hey you dont have a cell phone wait why did you join the group couldnt live with out a cell phone your such a geek and if you like girls why dont you ask em out lol ya like jeffrey i love him

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