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d o
hey donkey but look at my b/r
d o
butt you are good at UFC UFC UFC
d o
hay you are not good hackysack
jahna o
Hey nice pic lol :)
Dj Levasseur
You should put a picture on. Uhmm if you want I can tell you how to change your p/w bc I think Jeffrey goes on your thing.
d o
yo wazz up hay yo like DJ kiss ha ha
d o
you like my song or beat i dont like yours that much.
jahna o
Wow i cant belive you asked Alina out its realy realy wierd and like she doesnt even like you she said that she will allways Love Jeffrey and anyways you realy hert DJ and we dont know why you are doing this and i realy want to know why
d o
Hey i like your b/r check out my song
jahna o
Nice b/r lol
alina Morneau
hey what the heak iisss the whole likeing me and why did you ask me out when i have been going out with jeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffff

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