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Victoria Roy
Sara and Tori
Victoria Roy
Victoria Roy
Victoria Christmas 2008
Victoria Roy
Victoria Roy
Heyyy Rose. Cant wait to see you!!! I drew a card for you. Or two. lol. Miss you
Sara Smith
Victoria Roy
hey sara! i like ur picture! im going to call u tonite when u get home from karate! hope to see u soon!
Victoria Roy
i cant read anything on ur page!!! Retarded! u have to change ur background color or ur word color.
Sara Smith
hey call me later. miss u... that is so great that yall r going to b getting the house by the end of june. ttyl bff
Sara Smith
i\'ll call u later to day BFFL i really miss you
Sara Smith
i\'ll call i realy do miss u BFFLS
Victoria Roy
The Missing Friends That Made A Hole in My Heart. :(
Victoria Roy
i cant hear so small because of beat master6(not that i dont like the song) but i want to hear so small
Victoria Roy
hey u there?!?!?!?come on cat so we can talk!!!!!!!
Rebekah Dye
okayz...but i think i\'ll only be on for a lil bit...then my mom will prolly want the computer for a while. ttys!!!! :)

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