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tyler sands
Victoria Roy
i cant read anything on ur page!!! Retarded! u have to change ur background color or ur word color.
tyler sands
lol ok
tyler sands
umm so my ex might want to get back together with me so mabey u were right about her being obsessed
tyler sands
o ok well i knew it wasent going to work out i dnt like computer dateing its boreing since u cnt c the person your dateing
tyler sands
wait why do u think she broke up with me
Katy Clower
ok no i thought that u broke up wit her and i said that figures she is a obbsed freak
tyler sands
shes the one who broke up with me lol
tyler sands
shes not my gf anymore lol
Katy Clower
i wonder why ur not going out wit her hmm let me think jk
Katy Clower
soory h but your girl friend is a freak she is obsesed wit u get one that is the opposite or someting
tyler sands
lol i agree tht the jonas brothers do suck
tyler sands
hey wats up my names tyler
tyler sands
your not on :(
tyler sands
nothing much just hanging out

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