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We find the number 12 repeted strangely alot, here are the ones i could find. 1.The 12 tribs of Israel. 2.Jesus choose 12 Apostles. 3.The Bible mentions Jesus when he is 12 in the temple courts. 4.Jesus brings to life a 12 year old girl. 5.Jesus heals a women subject to 12 years of bleeding(i think it was bleeding) 6.12 gates in the New Jerusalem. 7.12 angels at the 12 gates. 8.On the gates were written the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. 9.The wall of the city had 12 foundations. 10.On the foundations are the names of the 12 Apostles. 11.The city 12,000 stadia in length. 12.144 cubits thick, 12 times 12=144 13.Each gate was a single pearl=12 pearls. 14.The tree of Life bearing 12 crops of fruit. 15.The 24 elders 12+12=24 ___________________________________ This is all i could find, if you know or find more please post. What do you think to meaning of this is does it all just come from the 12 tribes of Israel? debates?comments?other?Please post if you find more, i think i missed some.


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another popular number is 3, have you noticed.


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If you look for something you can find it anywhere.

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