CHRIST for BIKERS WWMM ~ How to become a MP


2 year(s) ago

CHRIST for BIKERS WW MM (World Wide Motorcycle Ministries) is a Motorcycle based JESUS centered Network of Ministries reaching out to BIKERS and Associated Lifestyles sharing the Love of GOD ~ GOD's Holy Word, Witnessing in the name of JESUS proclaiming the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST ~ Salvation and Eternal Life in, on and through no other but JESUS,...

What is a MP? = "Ministry Participant"

Do I need to own and ride a Motorcycle to be a MP? = "No"

I own a Motorcycle, but it's small cc engine, is it ok I become a MP? = "YES"

I own and ride a Big CC Motorcycle, is it ok I become a MP? = "YES"

I own and ride a three wheeler / Trike, is it ok I become a MP? = "YES"

What is the fee to be a MP? = 100% Absolutely FREE = NO FEE, Jesus Freely Gave ~ So Do We @ CfB WWMM 

I have friends who ride can I introduce them to be MP's too? = "YES"

Can my friends & myself form a GROUP of MP's? = "YES" ~ 2 to 6 MP's = GROUP, You & other MP's need your Pastors Approval 

Can our Group become recognized as a CHAPTER of MP's? = "YES" ~ SEVEN (7) MP's in a Group = CHAPTER Recognition

Who shall be the Group / Chapter Leader? = "YOU" or who you appoint, either by Vote or your chosen method

I want to be a MP now, what do I need do? = Simply reply hear and say "I want to be a MP" Ps "Aussie" @ CfB WWMM ~ HQ shall reply you 

Can I Email you Ps "Aussie" = "YES" ~  sailingm8s@gmail.com 

Can I call you? = "YES" ~ Ps "Aussie" Cell# +63 9296970509 

Do CHRIST for BIKERS WWMM have other social media site? = "YES" you can search us in FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and our website =


XS (Extra Small) SM (Small) MD (Medium) LG (Large)