God is Sovereign... End of Stroy!


17 year(s) ago

God is just. Too many times we want to look at one nature of God, and try to define Him from within the confines of that specific attribute. God is good. God is love. God is righteous. God is jealous. God is wrathful. God is fair... The fact remains - God is just. It is in His other characteristics that we find the reason that He allows things to happen that we do not understand. People want to say that the world has gone wrong. While I understand the frustration of men to say that the world has gone wrong, I also need to ask, "What do you mean?" If you mean that man has fallen and sin entered the world, then okay... I can buy that. However!!! Too many times, I think that people honestly believe that it has gone wrong, according to what God had planned... While I do not intend to understand the plans God has for the world, I do know one thing. [b]God is Sovereign![/b] Who says, “the world has gone wrong?” This is a statement with no backing. It is from a perspective which holds to the fact that we, as man, “know” how the world was supposed to turn out, and we know the entire plan of God. To say that the world has gone wrong, is to say that God has messed up. To look at the world, and say, “the world has gone wrong,” is a judgmental statement toward God. How can we declare that the world God created, and that He is Sovereign over, “has gone wrong?” Wrong is simply a human concept, in regard to the world, and to say that God’s plan has been fouled is blasphemous. Now, we can look at mankind and say that he has rejected God. Thus we can say that many people are wrong. Many people are living a life against God’s will. Many people are suffering because of the sins in their lives. So, we can look at man and say, “why does God allow man to reject Him?” The answer to that lies somewhere in the fact that God is just, and fair. That is another topic for another topic. B) -Matt

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