Hi ... wanting to help.

5 month(s) ago

Dear Joshua:

We are Dwight and Robin, a couple in West Virginia with many kids and grandkids and one great-grankid. We have lived in many countries and want to live Facebook-free lives. We selected your alternative after considerable vetting. The features and the philosophical underpinning, and also your red and white (no blue) interface were all factors.

By now you know that getting started in myPraise is (or perhaps has recently become) very difficult, because of bugs, or hostile hacking, or spiritual interference. We spent hours going in circles dealing with passwords, login snafus, attempts at posting profile photos, signing up for groups, and starting one or two of our own. it was frustrating beyond word.

Yet, we persevered because you are a brother in the faith and trying to do a good thing, and have not yet been co-opted or bought out by the FaceBook Borg. If it would be any help to have someone (i.e., us) who has not successfully registered/joined but wants to, and if we can help your cause and network by working with you, please let us know. We have a backlog of accumulating material that we want to get sent out, and a long list of "friends" that we want to wean away from FaceBorg.

I (Dwight) have a little programming experience, likely obsolete by now, but I understand some of the consepts. i was also, long ago, a webmaster (before this word entered the dictionary, however). I translated my own website into Spanish using the now ancient Joomfish. You will eventually, no doubt, want other languages. In fact, the group I would have started is called miAlabanza.

We are mandated by God's Word to encourage each other, so we encourage you, and also offer our prayers just for the asking --- to say nothing of our collaboration. My own son will soon begin attending Liberty U.

I am sending this to you with the SUBMIT button, but in case that does not work (and it likely will not), you can write to me at dwca@protonmail.com. Hope to hear from you!



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