How then shall we live?


10 year(s) ago

God gave a missionary mandate to Israel, with a few promises attached. He said: 1. “I will make you a great nation” 2. “I will bless you…” 3. “I will make your name great…” All of these promises were given with a follow-up statement. He said that he would do these things, “So that you may bless others.” (Paraphrased) God did not bless them, nor does He bless us, simply that we may be blessed. He blesses us, and gives us great things, so that we may pass it along, and give to others, and share with others His awesomeness, and blessings. It is crucial to understand what I said in the previous paragraph, in order that we may understand better the heart of God. Better yet, that we may more fully understand, the “missionary” heart of God. God desires us to have relationship with Him first, and then others. Through our relationship with Him we are blessed. We are then accountable, to share that relationship and His blessings with others. The word I use is “accountable.” We are not just “asked” or “preferred” to share his blessings. We are required, and held “accountable” to do so. -Matt


10 year(s) ago

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