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17 year(s) ago

I go on about tithing because you only have to read 1 Timothy chapter 6 to see how dangerous money teachings are when it comes to the gospel. One of the biggest sources of funding of most churches ‘vision for a new building’ or new programs and activities etc etc’ is through tithing. Now I have read the bible cover to cover and its plain to see that biblical tithing was when Jews paid food to Levite priests under the law. In contrast, Paul taught Christians to give according to NEED! So we have to distinct teachings here: 1. is 10% of a Jew’s food was to be given to the Levite priests. 2. Christians are to give money to the work of the kingdom according to need. Then along comes modern Christianity which wrongly combines points 1 and 2 so we have a situation where most churches are telling their congregation that they must give 10% of their money to the church. It burns me to see so much of the money of God’s people being spent on ‘wood, hay and stubble’ i.e. useless, temporal things that are just going to be burnt up at the resurrection (particularly new church buildings). Most Christians I know give the majority their money to the work of their church, rather than giving according to need as the bible teaches. Homeless people in our city remain hungry and homeless, while new carpets are being laid and new air conditioning installed in church building. So not only are most Christian not giving their money to where it is NEEDED, but most Christians also think that they MUST give 10%. The reality is that there is no amount prescribed to a new testament believer to give other than to ‘give according to need’ (whatever that amount may be!). People need to grasp this revelation, captives need to be set free! I would love to see a return to biblical, new testament Christianity in this area – lets leave tithing for the Jews, and lets just teach Christians to give according to need!

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