It will happen in our lifetime


17 year(s) ago

This is a repost of a bulletin i sent out on myspace, but i think the issue is just as relevant in the context of the debate board I am writing this bulleting to try and convey to anyone who reads this the seriousness of the imminent return of Christ in OUR LIFETIMES! We all know that we should live each day and each year as though he could be coming that day or year, but when looking at the signs of the times, we are now entering the realm where time itself is coming to a close, the world is coming to an end and Jesus is will SOON stand on the mount of olives, and proceed to judge the living and the dead. I have a few reasons for saying this: first of all, ive had visions concerning my own life that I would be alive when Christ comes back! (I am 25 now and I wasn’t an old man in the visions!). In one of these visions, every one of my senses was consumed with sense that I must urgently, urgently tell everyone about Christ! It was an overwhelming sense of urgency – and this is the heart beat of God – if we are connecting with Christ – we too should be feeling this! (and we should be acting on it). Second, there is a famous catholic prophet from the 12th century called malachy (you can read about him through a google search), and His famous prophecy was their would be 112 popes before the coming of Christ. All his prophecies about each pope (though they were written in the 12th century) have been accurate, and according to his prophecy, the pope now is the 111th pope, which means that there is only one more pope before coming of Christ! The pope we have now is extremely old, so with only one more to go, we MUST realize that the days are short, and the time is nearly up. This world is coming to an end, as a Christian, I urge you to live your heart and mind sold out for God! Don’t plan out your life as the heathens do (find a good job, a good husband or wife, and just live a peaceable life), instead strive with everything you have to enter the narrow gate and strive to take as many souls to heaven with you as God will enable you to reach! The third reason I have for believing the coming of Christ is going to be extremely soon (I strongly believe it will be less than 20 years – most likely a LOT less)… is because of the testimony of Jennifer Perez - which you can listen to at: http://www.spiritlessons.com/Documents/Jennifer_Perez/Hell_is_Real_I_Went_There_Jennifer_Perez.htm In hear near death experience, she is taken to hell (because she was a backslidden Christian) and then taken to heaven because God sent her back to warn the church about falling back into sin, but before He sent her back He showed her the events leading up the coming of Christ, and all the time she was in the presence of God, she sensed He is coming very, very soon, and God made it clear to her that she was to give this message to young people of today, because they are one of the LAST generations (the message is not for generation after generation of young people… God made it clear the hour is drawing to a close with one of THESE generations!) Last but not least, the mark of the beast which the whole world (those who aren’t saved) will have to take in the last 3.5 years before Christ comes, which you can’t buy or sell unless you the mark in your right hand or foreheads, well the technology to implement this is being trialed as we speak! Companies like the “veri chip” already have a microchip the size of a grain of rice, and they are using it in animals (to locate them) and starting to use it in hospitals (for ID) and in certain night clubs around the world (to buy your drinks), in different test groups all around the world, people are having a chip inserted into their hand, with credit so they can buy with or for ID or for passwords to log on to computers securely etc(I even saw channel 10 news do a story about it at the start of this year!) – the point is – the technology is already here! We only have to wait for some event to trigger the governments to try and make everyone take it. This ALL shows, that the mark of the beast (and hence the end of the time) is not years and years and years away – its near, at the door! So be ready! The last book of the old testament says that the day is coming, burning like an oven… Moses prayed “LORD, teach us to number our days according to a heart of wisdom”! Before you set your heart on children and grandchildren, try fixing your eyes on eternity and start trying to help the lost find Christ before He comes upon them like a thief, and then its too late for the lost. Serve JESUS WITH ALL YOUR HEART MIND AND SOUL, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HIM, AND MAKE SURE YOU OBEY HIM! CENTRE ALL YOUR PLANS BETWEEN NOW AND THE LAST DAY, CENTRE THEM ON CHRIST AND FULLFILLING HIS WILL AS REVEALED AS THE BIBLE. DON’T BE JUST ANOTHER CHRISTIAN WHO LIVES A LIFE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD BUT IS WHO CONTENT TO JUST HAVE CHRISTIAN BELIEF’S AND CHRISTIAN CONDUCT AND IS CONTENT TO JUST BE SAVED – SET YOUR LIFE AROUND GOD’S PLANS AND GOD’S TIMETABLE! HE WONT DELAY HIS COMING FOR YOU. YOU MUST BE READY! YOU MUST STRIVE TO ENTER THE NARROW GATE! JESUS SAID “BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY… BLESSED IS HE WHO WATCHES FOR ME!” THE DAY IS COMING… BURNING LIKE AN OVEN…

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