Loving our mypraize neighbors


14 year(s) ago

I'm pretty new to this site in that I just happen to wander onto it every now and then but there are a few things I notice about this site. 1. It just seems like there are only like 5-10 people who ever talk on any topic for some reason in these threads. 2. I know message boards can get heated sometimes, but even in my post months ago called "your apostle" it was basically a waste of time to me b/c all the non-dispensationalists(which its fine of you arent)were just bashing me. And all the things I read even from "administrators" on some posts show the same. I dont do a lot of forum type things, but I will say this, people like me probably do peek around at this thing and all I would say as a person who has a Bible study group himself of a wide group of people, just be careful what you say to other people. You just never know how someone is gonna take a smart remark or something typed without thinking. And i'm not trying to be critical, I just wanna have normal conversations about the Grace of God. You guys/gals all take care.

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