Music Choices


15 year(s) ago

I know I should always listen to Christian music, but if I dont, does that make me a bad Christian?


15 year(s) ago

I don't thonk so. I think that God will understand as long as it doesn't get to your head. I don't agree with rap or whatever. It just talks about sex and weman. My cousin think that even seeing something bad btings you away from God and closer to saiten. I don't agree with that. As long as you don't do what the person is doing you good. She won't watch anything but g. Although, her mom doesn't let her do anything anyhow, so it foesn't matter.


15 year(s) ago

music is like a book you dont always read christian books but your carefull of what you read i listen to secular music but i am carefull to what i listen too

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