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I've converted to Judaism.Don't worry i still believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. If not the trinity, or shallow christians who use the inability to stop sinning, Jesus(and more) as a license to sin willingly and oftenly, then how it's chrisitans who in a way reject Judaism that makes me mad. "Christians" seem to like to imagine that Messiah brought a NEW religon. Well he DIDN"T. I am tired so i don't want to but i can offer a WAY LONGER explination/arguement.


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[quote]Has anyone thought that the Satuday thing about Sabbath was made up by the rabbis, and not God? "How dare I say this?", you ask me? The rabbis are human, they are not God. It is rather presumptouos for them to interpret God.[/quote] as for this.... have you ever considered that the sunday thing about Sabbath was made up by the romans, not by *true* believers, but by those who seek to dissuade them and lead them astray from the path? Rabbi's are certainly not perfect. Many of them failed to recognize the Messiah, though He walked amoung them. However, to say that they made up the Saturday thing is essentially to say that they have been deceiving themselves and each other from the get go... why not go a half-step further and say that Torah was forged by Moses in order to reign over all nations through false spirituality? As for me, I would sooner believe that the romans (who, along with the greeks, were already in stark competition with the Israelites, the Israelites refused to accept their ways.... what's the saying..... "I would sooner feed my children pork then have them learn greek") would attempt to deceive those who follow the Hebrew notion of God, who they despised, conquered, scattered, destroyed their temple, slayed, burned, and crucified the believers and put them into their stadiums for the entertainment of their people..... as opposed to saying that the Rabbi's made up that the Sabbath is on Saturday...... the question is one of motives. What use is it for a Rabbi to tell his people that the Sabbath is Saturday when it is not? NONE! It only would confuse his people and lead them away from their God.... however... what use is it for Rome to have us believe that any day can be the Sabbath if we so choose to believe it (or if an emperor, who is sort of a deity to them, declares it)? What use is it to give us a *new* Sabbath to rest on, and *forget* about the old one? It is useful in that it scatters and divides them..... keeps them separate, for if they are not united, how could they possibly stand up against the sheer force of the roman empire?? The romans conquered AND converted most of the world to their ways, however Jews and Christians alike REFUSED to be converted...... they were (and are) the ONLY resistance to the assimilation (ie catholic = universal... the universal religion, which all can be assimilated into) that rome stands for. If you are going to bring forth a question like that and direct it towards the Rabbis, then is it really fair to *not* ask the question of rome, of the emperors, of the popes?

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defiant_revolutionary , well said, well done! Hashem is smiling upon you! ;)

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