Re:Jesus can\'t be Messiah


17 year(s) ago

AmericanIsraeli, I would have to say over all, Nice job! You did start to loose me about 3/4's of the way down, but what can I say, I have made the long post myself. It was not beyond my notice that none of the "qualifications" for the Messiah was he need to be G-d himself, Nice! Scriputre is Truth! What do ya know, Yeshua is really a son like the word says! I will have to disagree with leo about 1&2 having no support, scripture clearly teaches two Messiah's (son of Joseph/son of David). p.s. Leo, I will prove it if you need it. it was worth reading to bad you guys gave up, you might have learned something. Keep up the good work AmericanIsraeli. Peace and Grace!

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