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Ryan King
Cara C
Hey, whats up, how r u doing?
Julia Coppock
hey... where have you been? talk to me sometime...
allison sanders
hey im allison sunny\'s friend bye.........
Susan Brine
dude you got to come back to chat some time, it\'s boring with out someone to luagh at :wink:
Julia Coppock
hey boi! how ru? haven\'t talked to you in a while. get on chat sometimes...love ya! :lol:
Ryan King
Susan Brine
I\'m bored n your page needs a touch of something else. Catch ya brat.
Julia Coppock
hey boi! how\'s the road? i hope ur havin fun. get on chat tonight. XOXO :lol:
Haley Brown
Hey Hun...get on chat pretty please??? :D
Cortney You don't needs ta know :)
HEY, wutz up??? :D :) 8)
izabella reanne
hi u
Julia Coppock
hey boi! u remember me? i was the one who was...well...sweet the other night! we chatted 4 ever!! well...keep it real and add me!
Daniel Mezquita
hey guys is he really the drummer for the band red:?:
izabella reanne
i love u i still do

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