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Jay Soltis
The day of the Wedding
Jay Soltis
The Nephew
Jay Soltis
Me and the Wife
Jay Soltis
Jennifer Smith
We should get together for a football game and watch it. I am so excited football is almost here.
Kristen Thigpen
Jay!! You little booger! you almost killed me with that water frisbee thingy... Although it was very amusing watching you and Dustin beat up on Jonah/Logan in the pool. lol. :roll: :D
Kevin Connell
The featured music artist K-OSS They have a song about king kong in a trunk or som\'n??? :lol: Find Ergan Caner\'s messages on Itunes??? :shock: :D - Kev
Jay Soltis
what r u talking about with king kong
kaylee daniels
Hey, did anyone ever tell you your face looks like a butt??
kaylee daniels
Actually, its really not that bad but I think its funny to add to your wall of mockery. :lol:
hunter torres
hey its me hunter from church wat up
Kevin Connell
Hey you like that K-oss guy on here? Som\'n bout king ko :shock: ng???
Kaycee Phillips
this is tyler...you are so gay
Kristen Thigpen
JAY!!! LOSER!!! add me as your buddy!!!! *gosh* :)
Kristen Thigpen
Hey Jay. you have a pretty amusing wall dialogue... lol. But, it\'s ok; you can take comfort in the fact that at least Kaitlin doesn\'t think your face looks like a butt, right? :) lol. jk you don\'t look like a butt. hey, btw, you need to add me as your buddy...

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