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Nathan Magsig
your video is awesome, the RX-7 zyngside is the coolest car on the streets! i need one when i grow up. by the way, you have to search for me on facebook, cuz i looked up you, and i got like 50 results!!!
Cosmo Albrecht
hey where u been
Nathan Magsig
i havnt seen you or talked to you for months now!
kendall hurt
put a picture eli!!!
lauren Lopez
hey whats up i haventtalkedtoyou in foreva lots has changed
Nathan Magsig
dude, whats up, i havnt seen ya around lately
Kelly Walsh
hey eli!!! i havnt talked 2 u in 4EVA! so hows life?
lauren Lopez
hey eli i havent talked to u in a good while....where have you been?
Cecilia De La Garza
Hey havent talk 2 u in 4eva!!!......luv ya
Malachi Hey
what\'s upjavascript:emoticon(\'8)\')
Hannah Hey
Yo waz up :)
brandon gardner
hey man wats up!:)
kimbee calderon
heyy eli!!! school starts soon!! you ready? what team you want to be on?
Cecilia De La Garza
Miss you lotss..haven\'t seen you since like last Wednesday.Lol.Why haven\'t you been on....Love ya.
lauren Lopez
thats kool how he spelled it duh its a style!!

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